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Values Clarification

​WHY AM I HERE? Most people never examine their underlying purpose in life and thus miss a deep self-motivation tool. We examine the power of purpose and how to use it when we are stuck or feel dis-empowered. Then using subtle, yet powerful, tools, we discover each individual’s stand. People report a permanent shift in clarity and discovery of a depth of personal strength and resolve they might have previously touched, yet did not have as a daily life tool.

Have you ever been told you “can’t have your cake and eat it too?” Originally phrased, “you can’t eat your cake and have it too,” this proverb pointed out the non-working result of holding onto mutually exclusive desires – often due to confusion over what we truly want in life. In David Sohn’s Values Clarification and Manifestation Workshop, you will first discover what you deeply value on a motivational level. This discovery will then guide each choice you make, allowing you to keep what is in alignment with your values and discard what is not. You will then learn a systematic, proven system for manifesting what you consciously choose for your life, moment by moment. After spending the day with David Sohn, you’ll clearly understand the creative flow – and that cake is for eating!​

Sacred Sexuality

​“Scared of sex” means you were taught to fear sexually transmitted diseases, getting pregnant outside of the permission of marriage, damage to your reputation if you have “too much” sex or – most damaging – losing control because of your sexual urges. The single most powerful example of scared of sex is most people DO NOT like their body the way it is. Nearly all women think their breasts are the wrong size and most men think their penis is…Sacred sexuality is based in love as unconditional acceptance. The sacred union guides us to a greater consciousness, first with our partner, and together into a greater relationship with whatever you call “god.” This union is taught in the Tantra and in Karezza. This is the opening for change we create in the workshop.

Are you filled with sexual fear (scared of sex) or are you filled with love during sex (sacred sex)? Many people are not satisfied with their sexual relationship. Some call it a duty or worse yet they are not interested at all. Many people feel jealousy or even condemnation when people relate an ecstasy moment about sex. Most people scoff at extended orgasm and ridicule the Tantra or Karezza teachings. Yet anyone can learn to create and assist their partner in creating a “spiritual high” with each sexual encounter. Come discover your hidden motivations. Learn to create a sexual relationship to call forth love within yourself and your partner.


​Two old sayings that are often used in politics and advertising are “follow the money” and “vote with your dollars.” Would you like to know how to optimally use such a powerfully creative tool as money? First, you must understand two very different things: what money really is and where you want to go in life. In this Pro-spirit-y playshop, we will explore both of these apparently separate, yet completely interrelated arenas. You will learn that what you call “my money” is really “my spiritual understanding.” Let’s create an abundance of wealth and wisdom!

In addition to these I teach a basic workshop about the chakra system, a basic course about healing with sounds and color and a course about working with crystals. I am a Reiki Master and teach Reiki and do attunements.


​Are you in a relationship? Of course you are! Actually we are all in many relationships. In this fun workshop we examine unconscious personal and often self imposed rules which create stumbling blocks for any relationship. Bring your relationship to this workshop or come alone. It is more fun with your relationship however the tools and tips to improve the quality of your relationship are easy to remember and apply. They create such an effective change your partner will naturally start using them too. The result is the joyous stress free relationship you desire.

Relationships are both essential to personal growth and one of the most misunderstood aspects of adult life. In Letting Relationships Play, our explorations will include how relationships work and what causes them to fail, expectations that do not work and how to build ones that do, popular assumptions and myths about relationships, and dangerous traps to avoid. Ultimately, you will learn how to build the relationship that works for you and one in which you and your mate will be best friends!

What Is In Your Wor(l)d?

​Woody Allen once quipped “I know you believe what you thought I said but I am not sure you realize what you heard is not what I meant.” This workshop is about knowing your listener understands you without confusion. Even more important is the effect chosen words creates for the listener. Most people have never been taught the inherent effect certain words carry. When these words are used our listener often hears a different idea than the speaker thinks they are conveying. We study these words with humor and create powerful tools to improve the quality of our communication.

Are words important? Do you know what you are really creating by what you say? What do your words call forth in your listeners? Consider this: “In the beginning was the word …” Whether or not you agree with the original definition of a word, it was the definition by which that word was created and thus the definition with which we operate in using that word to create our world. In the playshop “What is in Your Wor(l)d,” we will discover the destructive nature of such words and phrases as “have to” (to oneself), “why” (to others) and “try” (in the creation of an agreement). “Feel like” and “think that” will also be revealed as phrases that must be completely eliminated from an enlightened vocabulary. No longer will you create false or unclear agreements. Operate as if you created understanding with your spoken or written word.

The Body Memory Process Body Map

​Did you ever wonder why something happens again and again – even when you don’t want it to? If you are a health or wellness professional, did you ever wonder why a client shows up with the same issue, week after week, despite your best healing work? What is the basis of all illness…? Discover body memory and how its influence shows up in every kind of physical breakdown. Body memory explains habits – good and bad, useful and deleterious In this workshop learn how to dismantle the habits that you no longer want or need!

A new tool to creative healing interactions, The Body Memory Process Interactive Body Map© allows you to strengthen your clients and yourself – and – create permanent healing!

The Value of Chaos

​You’ve often heard it said, “necessity is the mother of invention.” Actually chaos is the mother of creativity. If that is true why do we fear every little change; why do we evaluate the amount of stress in life changes? The ancient Greeks defined cosmos as “the order of everything.” They defined chaos as “a space before order.” Poets and composers, inventors and authors, mystics and religious leaders all honor and even seek what is called chaos as they search for “inspiration.” Come to find the reasons you fear chaos and even every change. As you learn to embrace and not fear, chaos you will find yourself achieving your goals easily and creating results you’d never before even imagined.

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