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“My experience with David and his healing therapy was very powerful and unique. I have been exposed to many “New Age” and other healing approaches, but my experiences in my healing session with David were very different. From them I received tremendous information on decisions I made at a very early age that I have carried with me till today. As with most early decisions, these were some of the most powerful ones I ever made. What was unique with David was the clarity with which I experienced myself making these decisions. I still have the memory now of myself standing in my playpen at the age of less than one year having these interactions with my parents and consciously making a decision about myself and the way I would be. Even more amazing was the one I made when I was just a few days old.

I had about five decisions that David helped me revisit. All are stored in my physical body at different places where I have chronic, low-level problems. David gave me the opportunity to obtain clarity I had not been able to reach through any of my previous spiritual studies, awareness development workshops with Lifespring or personal psychic sessions. David has a very special talent that allows him to operate at a very deep spiritual level with an easy non-threatening approach.
Many people would question the validity of my memories. My test on all of these innovative healing and learning experiences is, “Does it feel true and is it consistent with my knowledge of myself and life?” I have to answer with a strong, resounding “Yes!”

All of the information has a sense of truth about it, and it correlates with the knowledge I have obtained in my other studies and investigations. I must emphasize again the clarity with which David helped me bring them into my awareness. These were not vague recollections. I really relived the experiences in detail of myself making the decisions. As always, the real test is whether I can do something about it. David gave me specific affirmations and exercises that addressed my personal needs about the decisions I had made and the consequences they have for me.”

Doug Kinney

I highly recommend David's healing therapy.

“I heard about the Body Memory Process from a friend, who often shared how powerful the work was in her life. She improved her performance at work and had grown as a leader. I began to wonder if the Body Memory Process could help me, having struggled for many years with an issue that was blocking my ability to enjoy my life and support my family. My difficulty was that while I was ambitious, skilled and talented, I over-worked for people who did not pay me and would become overloaded with anxiety when I did paid work.

I would often think, “If I don’t get out of here, I’m going to die” – I experienced a recurring feeling of danger. The Body Memory Process discovery session with David Sohn was gentle, casual and so informative, revealing almost 20 vows I had made in my very young life that had led me to my current conditions. Of course, one of them was “If I don’t get out of here, I’m going to die!” The follow-up homework was simple yet not easy to complete and I think I cried every day during those 90 days. However, with coaching and encouragement I completed the homework and the shift in me was tangible. The Body Memory Process was not the end, but rather the beginning of a journey of self-discovery that continues to put me in control of my life – rather than my life being controlled by my past.”

T. Wilson

I would very highly recommend the Body Memory Process to anyone wanting to live a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life!

“Finally! David Sohn reveals his new and proven process of ‘escape’ from the restrictive and destructive patterns established in early childhood, at birth, and even before. Everyone can apply the process to their lives. It’s easy — and it works! Sohn has sown — read it and reap!”

Jerry Bartholow

Jerry Bartholow, author of Peace Soup

“​I have had several private sessions with David Sohn which have helped me tremendously.”

Sondra Ray

Sondra Ray, Founder of the Loving Relationships Training and author of many self-help books.

“My Fibromyalgia Journey – …”I have been done with my BMP for 2 months now and most days I have no pain!!! Woo hoo! A bunch of baggage has been unloaded. It is very freeing! What I do notice is, if I am stressed out a few old aches and pains do pop up to say “hi”. But hey, that is okay. Manage my stress and I am back to painfree! …” “


Sondra Ray, Founder of the Loving Relationships Training and author of many self-help books.

“Nancy Fischer is an author and a Holistic Coach who has studied under John A. McMullin, founder of Journeys of Wisdom and Holistic Coaching Institute, Inc. She has also studied with David W. Sohn, creator of Body Memory Process. Nancy is currently studying the Sacred Shahaptian Healing Way as a Native American Practitioner and Shahaptian Medicine Woman. She began her spiritual journey in 1998 when sudden flashbacks of the childhood trauma she agreed to experience as part of her sacred contract propelled her into an extraordinary spiritual journey of self-discovery and awakening. In this presentation, Nancy explains that everything in life is a choice.​”

Nancy Fischer

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