About Us

Meet David W. Sohn

After approximately 20 years of researching what it means to be well, David William Sohn created and refined The Body Memory Process – a synthesized, unique healing modality that has been experienced by thousands of clients.

David wrote Escaping the Labyrinth: The Secret Code that Creates, Sustains and Can Unlock Our Chains with the encouragement of many of these clients. He was trained by multi-national corporations to teach self-help courses, then designed unique processes for these trainings. David is also a Reiki Teaching Master, a trained Rebirther, a Channel, a light therapist and sound therapist, and has guest appeared on radio and on local television to discuss his unique, highly effective approach to total wellness.

Meet Kat Sohn

David’s wife, Kat Sohn, studied with David for almost 25 years to deeply learn the Body Memory Process principles, techniques and the amazing results it creates.

After the passing of her beloved husband in late 2019, Kat retired from a 36-year career with the federal government and is now continuing David’s work as the creator of courses, articles and seminars about the work and also as a life coach for those choosing to experience this powerful healing method.

​David and Kat have two children, Benjamin (age 11) and Sarah (age 7).