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When you were young

When you were young

Out of strong emotions, you created beliefs that you don't even recall.. yet they still rock your world.

Do you experience

Do you experience

Tension? Chronic Pain? Disease? Depression? Relationship patterns that don't work? Financial struggles?

You can change it!

Is something missing?

Is something missing?

It could be an understanding of why you feel the way you do and the unwanted patterns that keep showing up in your life.

Free E-Book

Free E-Book !

What You Decided Then Matters Now

34 pages of information about the Body Memory Process and its creator, David William Sohn.

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Discover Your Childhood Vows, Change Your Life!

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31 Lessons that walks you through the basics, vow discovery and vow release!

In the Media

In the Media

Podcast and radio interviews with Kathi Sohn, CEO
Body Memory Process

Listen below to the 20 July interview on the Frankie Boyer Show

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From womb until age seven, children form core beliefs by observing and experiencing the world around them. They can also have very emotional experiences during this time which can result in strong beliefs (vows) they carry into adulthood. The Body Memory Process will help you discover your own vows - which can be obstructing your health and happiness.



When we are holding our childhood vows in body memory it is difficult to impossible to take on new beliefs - and efforts that require new beliefs. For example, I can try every January to stick to my new year's resolutions but if I have a childhood belief "I am a failure" in cell memory, I will inevitably fail at keeping those resolutions. The Body Memory Process will teach you how to "empty the cup" physically, mentally and spiritually so that you can take on and use new beliefs that will work for you as an adult.


Once you have healed yourself physically, mentally and spiritually from your childhood vows, you will have immensely learned about yourself - not only what you decided all those years ago, but also your thoughts and feelings that came up during the homework process. The Body Memory Process will provide you with new awareness and tools to re-create yourself! The new you will be a benefit to not only yourself, but also your family (you will be a more conscious parent - conscious of vows and of the words you choose when you talk to your child). You will also be able to go out into the world and help others discover the cause of their suffering.

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