Uncover and release limiting beliefs that hold you back from reaching your authentic potential.

What are limiting beliefs?

When we are very young, out of strong emotions (some traumatic), we create our core beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world called “childhood vows”. We carry these beliefs into adulthood when they can cause problems with our health, relationships, and finances.

What is body memory?

Traumatic memories are stored in what neuroscientists call “implicit memory,” and termed “body memory.” This is the same way your body’s knowledge of how to ride a bike is stored. But there is a lot more going on than just the memory.

How do I know if childhood vows are impacting my life?

Wellness, happiness, and prosperity are available to everyone. If you are experiencing anything less, it is likely that what you decided early on about life is involved in your limitations. The good news is you have the power to discover, then release these decisions!

Bruce Lipton, PhD on the First Seven Years of Our Lives

In this brief clip, Dr. Bruce Lipton discusses the nature of how our life has been programmed and how these programs control our life, our vitality and our behavior in the world. The full, fascinating video is available by clicking here. 

Childhood vows begin in the womb

While the prenatal infant in the womb is not yet verbal, they are very much aware of their environment. In Babies Remember Birth, Dr,. David Chamberlain discusses the profound impact of time in the womb and the birth experience on the health of the child through adulthood.